label_important Game Content label_important Items
Overview of the existing, craftable and reproducible items inclusing all machines, buildings and equipment.
This also includes raw materials such as ores or plant extracts.
Information on procurement and possible uses.
label_important Game Content label_important Flora
Detailed information about the fascinating and enchanting plant world of Calyx,
a planet discovered in 2072.
All available details on the plants, mushrooms and trees according to the current state of science can be found here.
The existing documents are based primarily on log data from ANEXCAL, created by MOSSY and HORNET in the course of exploring the planet.
label_important Game Content label_important Resources
If you're running low on Resources, or you have depleeted your so far used copper- or iron-veins?
Here you get more informations about the different resources existinng in Techtonica, how you can use them an other Details.
label_important Game Content label_important Databank
You always wanted to read the Ingame Database entrys, but you haven't found time cause there is always something to do when ingame?
Now you can read the whole Anexcal Database while being at work, in the bathroom or on boring events!
(Ok only joking, please don't study this at work, but maybe in your breaks!)
label_important Game Content label_important !Everything!
You don't like nice looking, picturefull pages filled with usefull informations for each Item in Techtonica,
you need the complete crushing and overwhelming overview over every item at once?
Here you go - find every information you need in a compact little table!